I suck at keeping up with my personal blog?

Dear Friends,

So, apparently I am the worst at keeping up with my personal blog. I set myself a goal of once a week, but after the first week I found I had nothing to talk about. Now 3 months later, I’m still having issues thinking up something to write about. Oh well! I guess I’ll just force it. I’ll try to get a tutorial up next week.

Baby Update

We finally agreed on a name! In a stunning upset, Katie granted me permission to name our son James Anthony III. Score! Due date is set for the last week of December, so I’ll be sure to include a picture in my next update.

The Holidays Begin

Thanksgiving was pretty nice for a change. My birthday fell on the day before so I was able to take Wednesday with vacation time and have the next two days off for the holiday. The weekend was filled with chores and yesterday was the Monday Night Football game (Texans vs. Titans) so my break wasn’t very restful. Oh! My birthday was good too! My family pulled together and bought me a fancy new 4K TV and I had it mounted in the living room. It’s like I’m living in the 2010s now!

Evee Update

Evee goes has Mother’s Day Out three times a week so she’s always coming back with little art projects and paintings. She’s only there a few hours each day but we can tell she loves it.

That’s it for now!