Espinoza Baby 2: Electric Boogaloo

Dear babies,

I was feeling a little bit nostalgic last week and decided to look up my old xanga blog from middle and high school. The blog hadn’t been updated regularly since 2006, but it inspired me to keep a regular blog now that I’m in my 20s. Xanga is dead and gone, but luckily they allow you to export all of your blog posts so you can import it into WordPress. No, I will not be sharing the thoughts of 15 year old me on this blog, lol. If you’re an old friend of mine reading this, you might remember I started every blog with “Dear _____”, so I’ll keep that this time around too.

So, I’m going to try to update this blog every Thursday with stuff that’s been going on in my life. It probably won’t always be about design or development, but sometimes it will. I’ll be sure to tag it appropriately so you can search for industry topics if you don’t care about my life. 🙂

First, it’s been a not-so-well kept secret my wife Katie and I are expecting our second child in December. We went to the ultrasound last week and found out we’re having a baby boy! Now that we have a boy and a girl, we’re all set. No more kids, right? I want to name him James Anthony Espinoza III (a handsome name, no?), but we’ll see if Katie finally agrees to it. She’s partial to Jason Anthony.

My little cousin Noah’s birthday was earlier this week, and he was lucky enough to have two parties: a nice lunch at my granny’s house and a chuck-e-cheese party on Monday. Evee managed to have a blast at both parties, as you can see in the pictures below. On Sunday she covered herself in markers. We avoid markers for exactly this reason, but I kept my eyes off of her for 5 minutes. On Monday she was obsessed with the train ride. I’m selfish and used up all the tokens on the basketball and football games, so poor Evee only got to ride the trade 4 times.

So all in all, an eventful week. Thanks for reading, hopefully see you this time next week!

I’m back baby,

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