The process here was pretty interesting, I thought. Another one from my WASH class at SHSU. First we were supposed to write a story, then we had to abstract it and create an artwork loosely based on the story. The work itself is made with plastic wineglasses and yellow electrical wire. From the top wineglass, yellow wire moves out of the glass and into another, lower glass. One additional strand of wire is added in each subsequent wine glass. As for the story, I decided to write it in haiku. Here it is:

I stood in a line
waiting for a wine bottle.
At least forty deep.

My mom’s favorite wine
Extremely rare it must be.
For this line is long.

The clock is ticking.
The line has gotten shorter.
We are almost there.

I count my money
to make sure it is all there.
Yes! I have enough!

My bladder is full!
Should I stay or should I go? 
Go? NO! She’d be sad.

So I stay waiting.
No choice for me this time.
My bladder? Or wine?

A glimmer of hope!
We seem to be next in line.
The wait is over.

Oh no! Nosy I am!
I heard them say, “No more wine.”
How can this be true?!

Cannot believe this!
All this waiting for naught.
Time to go and pee.

Materials & Time Spent

Yellow Electrial Wire, Plastic Wineglasses, many much hours.