If you’ve checked out some of my other designs or know who I am, you’ll know that I have a long background with forums and forum designs. Well, in case you’ve never been on a message board before, I’ll let you know what these little things are. Signatures or “tags”, as the hip new designers that dwell on forums call them, are little images that go below your post. Ever get an email that has someone’s name under each email they send? Exactly the same thing. Each one is like a mini canvas that art can be created on.

I feel like signature design is a great gateway to the world of graphic design, because it’s a process that virtually anyone can learn, especially at a young age. I created my first signature in 2004 and I kept designing them off and on until a few years into college. I feel like signature design is what led me to pursue a career in graphic design in the first place, just as forum design led me into website design. Make sure to click on the thumbnail to the right to see them in their true size.

Materials & Time Spent

Photoshop CS4, all of these signatures were created over the span of a month.